How can I contact the seller?

The very best way to get in touch with a particular store directly is as follows:

  • Go to the HOME SCREEN of the Silk Purse Guild
  • You'll see STORE LIST on the navigation bar
1 access the store list.png

Here you will see a detailed list of all of the Individual stores on the Silk Purse Guild. You can change the view, which will make searching easier.

find your store.png change your view.png

Once you've opened the store page, there are two ways you can contact the seller directly. If you would just like to send them an email, quick question or query, then you'll find a Contact Vendor form on the left hand side of the page.

send an email here.png

If you have an order number, then you can open a support ticket right here in the store page. The button for the support ticket is right there on the left hand side, just underneath the store banner.

open a support ticket here.png

Our sellers are on hand to offer you any support or assistance you may need, to make sure you always receive the very best customer service, here at the Silk Purse Guild. Always contact the store directly, with any queries questions or support requests.

Last updated on 12th March 2021